Please note that this page only contains information about the actual process of giving a GED test. For GED-related educational resources, please visit the Educator Resources page. This page contains useful information about the process of GED Testing in an IDOC correctional facility. This is a great resource for PVTC Administrators, PVTC Proctors, and teachers who register students in the GED and Registration Managers.

Important Acronyms

A list of acronyms commonly associated with GED Testing at IDOC:

GEDTS GED Testing Service
PVTC Pearson VUE Testing Center
VSS VUE Support Services

GED-Dedicated Support Line

The VSS/GED support line (dedicated to GED Testing) is: 1-866-389-3665

Press 3 for tech support, and then you will be prompted to enter a second number identifying the type of support that you need:

Option 1 VSS Tech Center Support
Option 2 DOC Center Support

Make sure that you press 2.


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GEDTS and VSS Guides

How-to and other various guides that will show you how to navigate through the many different aspects of GED testing, from registering the student in the GED Manager to delivering the test in the facility.

GEDTS and VSS Links

These are links to important websites used during the GED testing process, as well as links to websites that provide more information about the process itself.